Terms and conditions

Cleaning costs .

The hourly rate is per hour per person.

Saturday  is time and a half (x 1.5)

Sundays  are  Double time (x 2 )

Public Holidays   are   Double time and a half (x 2.5)

Public holidays that may affect you depending on how you manage your bookings are

– Christmas Day, Boxing day, New years day



Sign up for VrScheduler.  I will provide you with access to this platform and from here you will be able to  either link your booking platforms or upload your own bookings.

and in here you will be able to add communication  in the Booking Note section

Last minute changes with additional info it is best to text to communicate.


Last minute Bookings

Less than 48 hours notice for last minute bookings will incur a last minute penalty rate 50% loading on the cleaning rate for the day the cleaning is done.



Provide 2 sets (at least) of linen for the house. This must be labelled with house identifier and size of linen.  Please use a black texta and write on the corner of the sheets and near the seam on the fitted sheets.  Doona covers it is best written along the bottom near the fasteners.  Please do not write this information on the labels of the linen as these are often hard to find and deteriorate.

We will be washing doona covers each time as well so please ensure that you have a spare set of these.

Ensure enough bathmats and hand towels.

Mattress protectors and Pillow protectors of a reasonable quality must be on the beds. Please ensure that they are clean and serviceable. This should be done during November as part of your spring clean getting ready for the peak season over summer.  I will launder as needed over the peak  season.  This is just an extra weight in the laundry.  It is helpful if you have some spare ones of these or I can provide as needed. Please ensure that these are labelled clearly as well.

Linen is laundered at Washmates in Ocean Grove. They offer a Wash Dry Fold service  (WDF)  or a Wash Dry Fold Iron (WDFI)  service.  Please contact to discuss cost and advise which one you would prefer.

Linen bags need to be supplied – or I will supply for you.  These need to be labelled and will have a cost of $20 per bag. You will need enough bags to hold your house lot of linen.